Fun Adventure Ways to Enjoy Your Christmas Vacation

Christmas Season is almost over but this day marks the start of vacation for some employees in the Philippines. It is the time of the year where many Filipinos are crowding the malls just to buy presents for their precious loved ones, “inaanaks” and also for themselves. Also, this is the time of the year to watch the Metro Manila Film Festival Entries like the most awaited movie “My Bebe Love” from the twitter superstars of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards also known as the pair Aldub. But have you already thought of more exhilarating ways to spend your Christmas break? 

If not yet, then you can follow these steps:

Boating on a Cruise

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Experience the most romantic Christmas ever in your life by spending the night on a yacht while holding hands with your special someone. Enjoy the sceneries on Manila Bay and the fireworks on Mall of Asia at night. For more info, you can check out this post.


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Maybe you are wondering why kayaking is in the list. To enjoy and to add spice on your Christmas vacation, why don’t you try Kayaking? Kayaking is the use of a narrow, long boat called the Kayak which is used moving across the water. Kayaks can be maneuvered by using paddles. One of the new kayaking destination in the Philippines is in Tarlac. You can read a news article from Philstar for more info.


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Have you experienced fishing? It is one of the most enjoying activity that I’ve experienced when I was a kid. Before, we used to fish on a river in San Rafael, Bulacan with my uncle and cousins. At first, it was really hard because you’d experience putting a worm on a hook or the bait. But as soon you catch a fish, you will very fulfilled. Sharing it with your loved ones is really special this Christmas.

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  1. nature during christmas?? This is new haha ok rin sa mga Resort and Casino in Manila kagaya ng Solaire


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