The Kayak Experience

Kayaking is a great sport which promotes nature and health. It is done by a person when he rides a long narrow boat called the kayak while paddling his way through the oceans, seas and rapids. It can be done for the purpose of adventure or nature tripping, fishing, saving someone’s life or even just to experience the feeling of being thrilled. (This article was brought to you leader in selling motor boats, yachts, sailboat, catamaran and kayak in the Philippines.)

So, what do I mean of adventure and thrilled? Defined by the dictionary, adventure is an exciting feeling which one encounters dangers and unknown risks. Yes, you heard it right, risks. One example that I can give you is one article that I have read from Euronews.

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In Norway, a man is paddling his usual routine while accidentally a 20 ton humpback whale hit him. This just happened because the whale who took air breaks. Luckily, the whale just ignored him and slid off which made him paddle faster just to get away from the whale.

It was one heck of an adventure for the kayaker out there. But he is in fact luckier with this one:

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A Kayak fisherman was dead in a hospital after an attack from a shark in Maui County, Hawaii attacked him. Officials announced that he was not the first to be bitten by a shark but he was one of the 8 casualties in Maui and one of the 13 on Hawaii.

Kayaking is really fun and exciting but there should be precautions before engaging yourself in this kind of sport because there are accidents that happen anytime.

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