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Every once in a while we seek a little adventure to get away from the pile of workload and to have a break from our busy schedule. Because of the little time others have, going to amusement parks and other recreational facilities nearby Manila are the convenient options. A thrill-seeker at heart would choose an amusement park because of the close proximity from Manila and the heart-stopping nature of the rides. Defy gravity and test your vertigo in a stomach-dropping roller coaster ride. Or if you want to get wet and go against the rapids, there are available rides for you to try.

Some of us just want to be one with nature and experience the real thing. Not the false contraptions made by man. There are many recreational sports to choose from like mountain climbing, rappelling, spelunking, whitewater rafting and zip-line. Want to have a solo paddling adventure? Whitewater kayaking is the right extreme sport for you. For more info, try Kayak Philippines.

Whitewater kayaking falls on the paddling category of extreme sports. To have a better understanding, lets define the two-compound word separately. Whitewater is a the namesake for the characteristic of a river to form great turbulence and a number of rapids creating a foamy white surface. The type of floatation device used is a kayak which is made up of polyplastic or fiberglass with a two-bladed paddle. Combined these two and it will create a fun and exhilarating sport that will surely pump your adrenaline and heart in rapid succession.

This type of extreme sport is not for the faint of heart and one must be physically and mentally fit to be able to fight against the raging currents and onslaught of torrents. The trail is not just a simple walk in the park because the surface is cluttered with huge slab of rocks, fallen trees beside shores, waves, narrow paths, and large swirling waters. Just make sure you’re an expert swimmer because there is a possibility you’ll be thrown off the kayak. Safety precautions should never be taken for granted while having fun. Equip yourself of the right gear and enroll in a comprehensive training first. If you believe you’re ready to embark in this kind of adventure you can visit Tibiao in Antique or Cagayan De Oro River.
So what type of relaxation or break do you prefer? The mechanical rides in an amusement park or the real thing?

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