What you Should Have When Kayaking (part 2)

Choosing the Right Spray Skirt

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Choose spray skirts according to the material used in creating it. Different spray skirts are used which depends on the weather and the type of kayaking you are into. For your guide, please refer to this table below.(This article is brought to you by: Rayomarine.com- a distributor of yachts, sailboats, motorboats, catamarans and kayaks in the Philippines.)
Material Weather Type of adventure Description
Neoprene For cold weather white water kayaking, surf kayaking It is thick which makes it perfect for extreme water sports. It is also designed to keep you warm during cold weather condition. Not advisable for hot weather conditions.
Nylon For hot weather conditions Sea kayaking Its tightness is just sufficient to support sea kayaking. Comfortable to use and it is easy to remove.
5. Emergency Kits
In any situation, safety should always be your first priority it is because in hazards are everywhere and we don’t know when it will happen, so it’s better to be ready. So, how can you know what to bring in your kayak trip? To tell you, there are 2 methods in choosing emergency kits. You can either buy a complete emergency kit or you can provide a list and buy the things that you need individually. Make sure to buy the quality first aid kits, assess it because in the end, it’s you who will suffer if you chose wrongly. After obtaining the kit, you should now learn how to use the first aid kit. Attend any trainings and seminars on wilderness survival. And now, you’re good to go.
For more info about first aids you can visit this site:http://superiorpaddling.com/paddling-first-aid-kit/
So that wraps up our needed kayak gears. To tell you frankly, kayaking is an expensive sport so be sure to save so you can buy all the gears needed for this sport. After buying all the kayaking gears needed, be sure to get the proper paddling training and first aid techniques to enjoy this sport. Till next time folks! Happy Kayaking!

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